Clinical Services

At we use clinical experience as well as the theoretical understandings of Psychology and Psychotherapy to inform clinical work. Interventions are available to individuals and groups. Drawing on trainings in Clinical Psychology, Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy and Group Psychotherapy as well as Research we are well suited to offer advice and consultation about the most appropriate support or interventions needed.

Clinical Assessment/Consultation
If you are thinking about beginning psychotherapy, then an initial consultation is often a good starting point.

A consultation will give you an opportunity to talk about what is currently troubling you and will also provide a setting where you can think about factors that might have contributed to your difficulties or may have provided the foundations for repeated patterns that get in the way of development and fulfilment. Current life situations and relationships as well as life history, social and family circumstances impact on people in many ways.

The kinds of experiences that people may bring to a consultation are very diverse and may include the following: relationship difficulties; bereavement; anxiety and depression; personality difficulties; experience of trauma, abuse or violence; sexual difficulties; experience of prejudice and discrimination; feelings of anger and rage; and many more.

If you think a consultation may help you, feel free to contact us. If we think you would be helped by one of the interventions we offer, then we will say. Equally, if we think you would be better served in a different setting then we can often suggest a suitable referral or we will try to provide the information and resources you need to make the next step.