Useful Links

Useful Links:

The internet abounds with useful and informative sites that offer information about Consultancy, Psychology, Psychotherapy, etc. The links here are by no means exhaustive. They are divided into the links for some key professional training and regulatory bodies; and other sites that may be useful or of interest.

Psychological therapies training and regulation:

There are many routes to training as a Psychotherapist. Some people will have a prior qualification in a health or mental health discipline, for example Clinical Psychology; Psychiatry; Nursing; Social Work, etc. Others will have other life experience that leads them to train in Psychotherapy.

The main regulatory bodies in the field are as follows.  We would strongly recommend that you find a therapist who is a fully accredited member of one of these bodies:

HCPC Health Professions Council (statutory register for Psychologists, Arts Psychotherapists and other health related professions)

BPC British Psychoanalytic Council (voluntary register of psychotherapists)

UKCP United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy (voluntary register of psychotherapists)

BACP British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (voluntary register of psychotherapists and counsellors)

Other psychotherapy and regulation sites:

BPS British Psychological Society

CHRE Council for Healthcare Regulatory Excellence

GMC General Medical Council (statutory regulator for medical doctors)

PSA Professional Standards Authority