Group Relations Work

All of us, as bodies, are in the active position of figuring out how to live with and against the constructions – or norms – that help to form us. Judith Butler

Group Relations Conferences provide a unique setting in which to explore the relationships between self and other, individual and group, social and political, authority and power within the boundaries of a temporary organisation. Drawing on systems psychodynamics as well as organisational theories, these experiential learning events allow members to examine the roles they take up, are placed in, fall into and wish to leave behind. Conferences provide a chance to embed learning within the current social, cultural and political contexts that are shaping people’s individual and organisational experience.

Jo-anne works regularly on the staff and management teams of Group Relations Conferences in the UK and Internationally. She also offers Leadership Training, as well as Consultancy and Role development that is informed by GR methodology. Contact her if you are interested in taking part or in commissioning an event or training for your organisation.